Towers and Trees

Rock The Shores

Following an exhilarating and heady experience at Rock The Shores, I want to let you know that Towers and Trees hasn’t made any show, tour or other plans in support of our current catalog past this summer 2016. We’re playing The Butchart Gardens on Friday, August 19 and working to hopefully pull together one more Victoria show before Jesse leaves for Toronto in September. After that, It will take some time to figure out what’s next for this project.

Indie-rock band Towers and Trees has always been a heart-first project. It started as a simple vessel for some songs I’d written and over the past four years has grown into something bigger and more collective than I ever envisioned. I and the others are so grateful for every person who has embraced it, from my friends and collaborators who grew it from an “I” to a “we” to the incredible community of support that has formed around us: friends, fans, and industry.

Most choices in life come down to holding on or letting go, and earlier this summer Jesse, Shred and I decided the right answer for right now is to let go. True to a new song we played at Rock The Shores last week called “Head Down / Heart Up,” letting go means giving ourselves space to turn our heads down, turn our hearts up, and see where it leads.

Thanks for all the love. Hope we can keep in touch <3

Adrian and the T&T fam