Towers and Trees

The West Coast Album

October 2, 2015 – That’s the official Canadian release date for The West Coast, the new full-length album from Towers and Trees! We’re also sharing the final album artwork today, which features a couple (dear friends of ours) photographed by Brady Jenkins at Witty’s Lagoon (Design and Layout by Quentin Mitchell).

It was actually Jesse who first pitched this concept as a potential album cover. The vision was to show a couple sprinting passionately (perhaps naively) into an open, vacuous, foreboding ocean. A grey day would have been perfect, but being the height of summer we settled for an early morning shoot instead.

It was already warm by the time we hit the beach and it turned out to be one of the most fun, inspiring days of our summer. We laughed, took photos, played frisbee, and ended the day by all charging into the water nude together (you can find that photo on Instagram as well).

I LOVE seeing this day immortalized as the cover of our new album, but the image also holds a more serendipitous significance for me. The West Coast was a very personal and at times painful album to write. It follows my journey through, among other things, the end of a relationship and young marriage that spanned 12 years of my life.

As a much younger man, I once made an impassioned plea to my fiancee that the perfect wedding photo would be a shot of us sprinting naked into the ocean hand-in-hand. It would be spontaneous, romantic, unconventional… and for those and other practical reasons it never happened.

So when Jesse unwittingly pitched this same concept for The West Coast – an album that is largely about closing the book on those youthful years and charging headstrong into the uncertainty ahead – I just couldn’t shake it. Truthfully, I wanted to give up on the idea because I didn’t know how it could possibly come together on time/budget. Yet thanks to a little spontaneity and romance, here we are.

If there’s a lesson in this I’d say maybe it’s to never regret the waters you chose to charge into, and to always seek the passion and courage to charge again.

Here we go!

~ Adrian and T&T